Cause and Effect

Do you ever look at the world and wonder, where exactly did we go so wrong?  Can we ever come to a place where human beings stop exploiting one another? We've thought long and hard about this question, and this is our answer: 

Value. Every. Person. 

The idea that every single person on the planet is valuable is not new. But today, more than ever, this message needs to be heard. We live in a world that values profit over people, a world that thinks nothing of using up and discarding human life. 

At Signal Hill, we have the audacity to imagine a world where everyone is valued - this is the passion that drives everything we do.  We are especially passionate about conveying this message to young people. Through our presentations and programs, we help young people understand their value as individuals and  the necessity of valuing every person around them. 

This goal IS audacious, but not impossible. 

So how can you help?  We need people who are willing to spread our message any way they can, whether it be in person or through social media. Watch what we do, then share it with your friends. You can also help out by booking a presentation or working with your school administrators to bring Signal Hill presentations to your children and their peers. Finally, we also need individuals to support us financially- any donation is appreciated