In Her Skin

Beauty blogger Em Ford has taken a lot of compliments and criticism over the past year. Since starting her blog in 2014, she receives plenty of both whenever she posts her makeup tutorials for people with severe acne.  As someone who has struggled with self-esteem, receiving that kind of feedback has been a challenge.

However, sharing her journey through her blog has helped Ford to be happy with who she is: "For it took far too long to realise that beauty is much more than how you look in the mirror. It's about how you spend your day, how you help others and most importantly.... True beauty is being the best version of yourself you can be on the inside and out."

To illustrate her journey, Ford has directed a film that shows how social media reinforces unrealistic standards of beauty.  Her message? "You are beautiful - no matter how flawed you feel, no matter how upset you may feel about the way you look or how hard you find it to make friends, or be confident. Believe in yourself, and never let anyone tell you you're not beautiful - not even yourself."

It's currently sitting at over 9.7 million views.

(Heads up - there's some language. Comboxes are not know for their decorum.)

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