Rape Culture in 3 Minutes

You know those songs that you just can't stop singing along to? Well, listen carefully:

“The songs we sing along to on the radio are directly contributing to rape culture. The result is a bold poem that reminds us how subtle -- and dangerous -- misogyny can be when put to a pop song tune.” - Huffington Post

This incredibly poignant poem may be referring to rape culture in America, but since we digest the same pop culture and media, it has just as much relevance to Canadian culture. If we consume any media at all, and think we don't participate in perpetuating a culture of sexual violence, we are only kidding ourselves. When you dissect the words of hundreds of pop songs, look at the objective images of people portrayed in advertising or even just take in the news headlines of the day, you'll see that we live in a culture that encourages and promotes sexual violence.

So now that we realize the disturbing fact that rape is essentially glorified in our media and culture, how do we prevent these messages from permeating our attitudes/behaviours and those of our children? Well, awareness is a good first step. But whether we like it or not, the messaging we take in affects us in some way or another. Even some of the most subtle ideas we gather from the media can be extremely damaging - affecting our relationships, our self esteem and attitudes towards other people.

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