Signal Hill Heads North

For several of the past few years, we have had the privilege of traveling to Northern BC with Empowering Life Series.  Our primary educator, Tia MacDougall, has spoken in communities located along the Yellowhead Highway, also known as the Highway of Tears.  This year Tia was able to speak to young people in Smithers, Houston, and with members of the Moricetown Indian Band about topics such as depression, love and abuse, and pornography, and healthy relationships.

The feedback that we have received highlights the importance of Signal Hill's work in educating young people about their value and the value of every person.  Students described the presentation as "honest" and "relevant", saying that they learned about the impact of pornography on relationships, as well as the negative consequences that frequent sexual hook ups can have on their mental health.

One student wrote, "I learned a lot of new things about relationships. It made me think a bit more positive about myself" while another said "Something I didn't know was that young kids are often getting used. The most impacting part was when Tia talked about what is true and what is fake about love, because not many people think about that."  These young people learned how to treat each other with respect and Tia's presentation made one young person "think about my value and the consequences of my choices. All my friends should hear this."

Not only do we encourage young people to treat themselves and others with respect, our presentations educate the adults that guide these students. One youth worker writes "I was out of touch with what young people are doing today in 2017. The most impactful part of the presentation was on porn addiction and the rising number of sexually transmitted diseases."  Another teacher commented that she had never seen the students so attentive, interested, and responsive to a presentation and invited us to come back to their school.

We hope to strengthen these relationships with the communities of Smithers, Houston, and Moricetown. And we hope to bring our presentations to even more students across the province in the upcoming school year.