The Value Project, 2017

We all know from experience that lasting change cannot be imposed, it has to come from within. So when we are asked the question "Why don't you just develop a Value Project Program and then bring that into high schools?", the answer is simple:

Changing the culture has to come from those who are in the culture, the young people whose sense of value is assaulted, day after day, by the negative voices in the media, within their peer groups, and within themselves. 

In February 2017, we took a group of 30 students from 6 schools to Zajac Ranch and over the course of the weekend they examined the loss of value within our society, reflected on how this plays out within their schools, and created six separate media campaigns, tailored to the specific needs of each of their schools to communicate one very important message to their school community: Value Every Person. 

The Value Project is created to reach thousands of young people at these six high schools, but just as important, it has given these thirty students a taste of what true leadership and creativity can accomplish. 

These young people inspire us and give us hope for the future. We will continue to run The Value Project on an annual basis, and we have plans to expand its scope and reach.  We thank our donors who have made this amazing project possible, and we extend the invitation to YOU partner with us. 

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