Thinking about Value

The 2017 Value Project featured teams of 5 students from 6 schools from Abbotsford, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, and North Vancouver.  During March and April of 2017, these students worked to create and execute a series of media projects that they presented to their schools during Value Week.  Here is one of their stories...

Human beings are curious - we see something that grabs our interest and we immediately search for more information. One of the Value Project teams from Vancouver counted on basic human curiosity to drive their poster project during Value Week 2017. 

The Value Project team created a series of posters that took the idea of value and applied it to the different subjects that are taught at their school.   After running their ideas past the creative minds at Glass Canvas, these students designed the posters from scratch.  Each of the designs related to the idea of value; some of the concepts made you work to figure out what was being said, others made references to pop culture, others were just plain funny (or would it be "punny"?).  Taken together, this poster series does a great job of challenging the viewer to think about the ways in which they value themselves and value other people. 

So, let's see whether YOU can match the poster to the classroom!

A.   Physics
B.   Physical Education
C.   French
D.   Library
E.   Music
F.   Chemistry
G.   Math
H.   Information Technology

Ready for the answers? 

... here they are...

That's Information Technology, Physical Education, Math, Library, Chemistry, French, Music, and Physics. 

Which one is your favourite?  

To learn more about The Value Project and to see whether it would be a fit for your school, visit our initiatives page or call Signal Hill at 604-532-0023.