Value Is Visual

The 2017 Value Project featured teams of 5 students from 6 schools from Abbotsford, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, and North Vancouver.  During March and April of 2017, these students worked to create and execute a series of media projects that they presented to their schools during Value Week.

We are surrounded by a world of eye candy – media, advertising, apps – that constantly demands our attention and pushes us to invest our time and money in whatever product is being sold.  For young people trying to make a difference in their world, that’s a lot of competition.

So, in order to make a point, sometimes you need to go big.  Really big.  Here’s how some of the 2017 Value Project teams communicated their message of Value Every Person.

Two of the Value Project teams, one from Surrey, and one from Abbotsford, collaborated to produce this giant poster that hung in the entryway to each of their schools.

Despite the ways that we are all different and unique, this poster emphasizes that all of us have something in common: we are all human, we all bleed red.   This vibrant and bold poster helps students to remember that as different as we are from each other, we are united by a common humanity that enables us to recognize the value of every person. 

This year, one of the Value Project teams in Vancouver created this 3-D work of art, which they hung in one of the hallways in their school. When viewed from below, it looks like this:

But once you start moving to the right spot, all the separate pieces come together to form a unique piece of art.   

Eventually, the students can see that their school photos come together to form an eye, which begs the question: How do you see yourself and how do you see others?

The Value Project teams got creative in using the different locations of their school to promote their message. One school in Abbotsford placed signs on the stairs to get the students to start thinking about all of the different factors that play into our evaluation of a person’s value.

Stairs again played a part in the 2017 Value Project as one of the teams from Vancouver decorated their stairs with a creative overlay. As you are going up the stairs, you see these words:

Coming down those same flight of stairs, this is what you see:

As students walk down the stairs, literally walking on someone’s face, they are pulled out of their comfort zone and compelled to think about the people that they might be figuratively walking all over  (whether intentionally or unintentionally) on a daily basis.  

All of these projects convey one single idea: that every individual on this planet is valuable and worthy of respect.  The visual and interactive nature of these projects engage anyone that encounters them and calls everyone at these schools to reflect on how their actions impact the lives of their fellow students.  

What do you think of these projects? Have they made you think differently about how you value yourself or about how you value others? Let us know in the comments below!

To learn more about The Value Project and to see whether it would be a fit for your school, visit our initiatives page or call Signal Hill at 604-532-0023.