Purchase a LifeKit

To order your LifeKit, fill out the Contact form or call us at 604-532-0023. 

LifeKits include...

  • two lesson plans for Kindergarten to Grade 7 which can be found on any of the 8 USB drives included with every LifeKit
  • printables for each lesson plan
  • a geode
  • fetal models
  • media resources, including videos embedded on the USB drives and The Butterfly Circus DVD
  • a selection of books, including  The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss,  How Did I Begin? by Signal Hill,   Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Day by Emily Pearson, plus many more  

LifeKits helps elementary school students...

  • explore and understand what it means to be human
  • promote the value of every individual
  • learn about Human Relationships, Human Growth and Development, Living in Community