Being a teen today can be confusing. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. 

Our carefully crafted workshops are a great way for teachers, parents, mentors and youth leaders to introduce and discuss the issues that our youth are facing today. 

Each video features relevant topics such as positive body image, and dealing with failure, and developing personal values, along with guides for further reflection, discussion, and activities. 


I have seen Signal Hill's efforts deeply impact the lives of the students — students who don’t just desire to see change in themselves, but also in their schools and greater community as well.

— Brent Westerink, High School Teacher

Our Workshops are...


Made by Us

Our workshops are designed by a team of experts - including mental health clinicians, social workers, educators, and professionals in relevant fields - and delivered by dynamic speakers whose stories are relevant to today's teens. We are constantly updating our content and adding new resources to our offerings.


Facilitated by you

Life impact is most effective in the context of trusted adult relationships. This is why we've designed our teen-directed workshops and supporting curriculum to be facilitated by you.Whether you're a parent, teacher, coach, or camp counsellor, we encourage you to host and watch the workshops alongside your teen.


Watched by Teens

Teens are empowered when they watch our content: to discover their unconditional value, positively influence others, and thrive in healthy relationships. Today's teens are incredible in so many ways, but sometimes they need a little bit of help navigating an increasingly stressful world.

Workshop Previews

Preview our workshops here or click on the access link to purchase the full workshop. Each workshop consists of 4 to 8 short episodes, each with downloadable talking points, discussion questions and printable activity sheets to keep your conversations going.



Many of us hear the word "leader" and immediately think it doesn't apply to us.  We feel we need to have a certain personality type or meet certain prerequisites, but when we dig deeper we find out that this isn't true. In fact, each person is fully capable of being a leader and being a good one at that. In this series, we explore what it means to be a leader in today's world. We look at 10 different beneficial ingredients in values-based leadership, including our motive, mindset, character traits, and skills.

Just Breathe

Taking care of our mental health is so important to thriving as individuals. And yet, many of us struggle with it and then feel shame about struggling with it. In this series, we explore what it means to take care of our mental health and how to combat the shame and stigma that often comes with mental illness. Recognizing the complex and deeply personal dimensions of mental illness, this series specifically looks at anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicidal ideation.   


As people, we all want to thrive in life, but learning how to do so isn’t always easy or straightforward. In this series, we explore ways to take care of four important areas in our life - our physical health, our emotional wellbeing, our relationships, and our personal values – so that we can become the best version of ourselves. 

Failing Greatly

Failing has never been fun, whether its getting a C- when we wanted an A or failing our driver’s test (again). Increasingly, it also feels like the pressure to succeed is getting more and more intense. In this series, we take a critical look at how we see our failures, while exploring ways we can process them well, cope in healthy ways, and develop personal resilience.

Now You See Me

Valuing every person doesn’t just mean the people we see in our lives every day – it also includes the people in our world that are neglected, forgotten, and unseen. In this series, we take a specific look at the issues homelessness, human trafficking, and fast fashion in order to learn how we can better value the unseen people affected by these issues and be a more concious member of our world.

100% That Girl

Body image, managing our relationships, and dealing with gossip are just some of the stressful things girls have to deal with on a daily basis. In this series, we get real on what it’s like being a teen girl through personal stories and talk about how we can navigate and respond to unique pressures that affect how we see ourselves in today’s world.

Tackle the tough issues together

These valuable resources are created specifically for groups of teens led by a facilitator (though teens can watch them solo as well). This might be…

Students and a teacher
Teens with parents or mentors
Afterschool youth and program leaders
Large or small group settings

Signal Hill Media relies 100% on our donors. To continue creating rich content and making them free for anyone to access them, we need your support. If our resources have benefited you or teens in your life, please consider supporting us with a donation.


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