We strengthen society by inspiring young people to cherish and protect life.

Our experienced team of educators has presented around the world on a variety of topics.

We believe in the power of film and media. Our life-affirming media has been seen over 25 million times.

Last year we had the privilege of helping over 4,000 women and families through our online services.

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The Value Project 2016

Value Every Person. This message has the power to change the world, and this is why everything we do at Signal Hill supports our mission to spread this message as far and as wide as possible. Everyone needs to hear that they are valuable, but...

Creating The Value Project

The weight young people carry these days is overwhelming. They are bombarded with contradicting media messages and societal pressures that encourage them to make life-devaluing choices. Many of them fall prey to these messages that promise hope ...

When Big is not Enough

The gender gap is closing, and not in a good way. "Body image" has become something associated with women, but men are increasingly affected by a condition known as muscle dysmorphia, or "bigorexia". While the unrealistic images of men promoted b...

When Does Learning Begin?

Here at Signal Hill we are huge fans of cool facts about human beings - do a search of our blog or Facebook feed for #noBS or #nothingbutscience and you'll see that we've amassed a large amount of interesting facts about human development. Imagi...

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