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The Smell of a Newborn

It's pretty universally accepted that newborn babies smell amazing, especially to their parents. But what's not so widely known is that newborn babies can recognize their mothers by smell alone. One study shows that scent recognition increases whe...

Always Keep Fighting

Depression used to be a forbidden subject, something to be swept under the rug or muscled through.  Despite these attitudes, the Canadian Mental Health Association reports that 20% of Canadians will experience mental illness in their lifetime...


How cool is it that a mother's body is so attuned to the needs of her child that her breastmilk changes as the baby grows? Breastmilk also adapts in the short term - for example, its water content increases as the weather gets hotter. Now that's...

Choose Compassion

One year ago, Dr. Kent Brantly was working in Liberia during an outbreak of Ebola when he came down with the virus. After nearly losing his life, Dr. Brantly is on the road to recovery. Recently, he and his family returned to Liberia to visit the...

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