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France Proposes to 'Ban' Excessively Skinny Models

France will most likely be backing a bill that will ‘ban’ the use of excessively skinny models, fine modelling agencies or fashion houses that hire super-skinny models and jail those models’ agents. This is part of a stance the government is makin...

LifeKits Have Arrived!

After many months of research and development, Signal Hill is proud to announce that we have launched our LifeKits™ Program! LifeKits™ is an elementary school resource for grades K-7 that helps children to explore and understand what it means to ...

Pregnant, Professional & On TV

“Nowhere on North America TV have we seen a weather reader so gross as you” … This was just one of the hate mail messages Chief meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Canada’s Global BC News received when her pregnant belly began to grow during her re...

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