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We’re going upstream to help today’s teens value every person, starting with themselves. With story-filled media on relevant issues, we empower teens to discover their worth, influence, and potential, and help them navigate their teen years successfully.


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We believe in the power of personal connection so we fill our talks with real-life stories and lessons learned. We also believe that education should inspire, not shame or scare – so our content is always hope-filled, non-judgemental, science-based, and relevant to the actual needs of today’s teens.


Supporting the students in our lives is more than speaking at them. Teens today want to be part of the conversation and have a unique perspective and voice. We saw this so we partnered with them to create media campaigns under the label of content "by students for students."

These workshops have helped me improve my mindset of negativity and self-hate by teaching me my importance and value.



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Help teens become thriving influencers who value every person. Your support allows us to generate content that makes a huge impact on the lives (and future!) of youth today - our leaders of tomorrow.


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Signal Hill Life Education Society is a registered Canadian Charity dedicated to helping young people become thriving influencers who value every person.

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