Who we are

We believe that how we see people effects how we treat people. At Signal Hill, we see all people as equally valuable, worthy of dignity and respect. Join us in our goal to inspire young people to "Value Every Person".

About us

Our guiding principles

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Relevant & edgy

We connect with each generation in their own space, pushing boundaries and finding creative ways to shift culture.

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We engage issues at their root rather than responding to their consequences.

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Non-judgmental & hopeful

We listen and respond with compassion, empowering people to discover their true worth.

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We share accurate messages, grounded in science, that enable people to connect their own dots.

Empowering life series

In a generation where people often don’t value themselves or others, how do you remind young leaders that they can change the culture?

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Value every person

Together, we can reach the world one person at a time. Your donation to Signal Hill will go towards movements of change by inspiring our culture to value every person.