Help us reveal to young people the unconditional value of every person.

To win entire schools, we know we have to start with the individual. When a person experiences their value, their transformation ripples through their schools and impacts their peers. And the change doesn't stop there.

We know that if we can win schools, we can win communities, cities, and ultimately culture itself. But none of this can happen without you.

We are a charitable organization, which means that we rely on the generosity of an incredible group of donors that believes in us and our approach. Will you join them in supporting our life-changing work? Your donation will help us:

  • Transform teens into empathetic leaders who understand the unconditional value of every person.
  • Partner with high schools to undo the negative influences of culture and build caring school communities.
  • Connect teens to support systems in their community (e.g. mentors, school counsellors) who will help them make healthy choices as they face life’s challenges and opportunities.

Thank you for helping us shift culture so that every person knows and experiences their unconditional human value.

Support Signal Hill through monthly giving, a one-time gift, or through Legacy Giving. You can give online by filling in the form below, or if you prefer.

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